Event: Time and technology. Technocronopolitics: turbo agencies, slow and dormant

Event: Time and technology. Technocronopolitics: turbo agencies, slow and dormant

On June 22 at 6:00 p.m. the next event of El Vector took place. El Vector is a philosophical intensifier, a space promoted by Tecnopolitics (IN3 / UOC) aimed at thinking about key concepts and challenges of contemporary digital cultures, societies and policies from a critical and purposeful approach. This meeting, entitled Time and Technology. Technocronopolitics: turbo agencies, slow and latent, will be held at the Barcelona Canódromo , a space promoted by the Barcelona City Council .


The computational processing of operations of all kinds is anchored to a series of assumptions regarding the temporal dimension. Such assumptions provoke the relational precariousness that some have called the crisis of presence . Or to put it another way: if when talking about technology we neglect the participation of a multiplicity of manifestations – often stressed – of time, we are starting from a radical neglect of the transforming power of one of the fundamental vectors around which it is organized the log (ist) ica of existence. In this polyrhythmic sessionIn The Vector, we are interested in paying attention to the temporal dimension with respect to the semiotic-material (that is, technological) compositions that make the world emerge, happen and sustain itself in certain ways, and certainly not in others. In this way, issues such as “the new” in relation to technology will show a very clear technopolitical contingency, and will indicate a trend towards totalitarian innovation in the field of the most mundane experiences.

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