New publications: Meditating and mediating change

New publications: Meditating and mediating change

Sarah Wagner and Daniel Blanche-T. contributed each with a chapter in the new edited volume “Meditating and mediating change: State – Society – Religion” of the Off Campus: Seggau School of Thought series published by the University of Graz.

Sarah’s paper, “Ageing and indigeneity: Guarani leaders’ mediatization tactics,” delves into the agentic ways that leaders of Guaraní communities in Bolivia and Argentina engage with communication media, mainly how they use information and communication technologies (ICTs) for intragroup communication. Along with providing a detailed account of these leaders’ experiences with the technologization of communication, Sarah draws on the concept of “tactical mediatization” to reflect their concern of safeguarding their cultural practices.

Daniel’s paper, co-authored with Kim Sawchuk and titled “Ageing, activism and intergenerational relationships: Reciprocity and lesson-learning in the Iaioflautas,” explores the meanings that older activists make of their involvement in the Catalan-born social movement Iaioflautas and the intergenerational pro-social behavior they express in their actions. Both authors analyze the testimonies of some of the movement’s members by drawing on concepts of (inter)generativity and affect theory to shed more light on older people’s experiences in political protest.

The edited volume is open access and will be freely accessible soon. Check the links section for more information.


Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash.