New web for Democratic Innovation

New web for Democratic Innovation

The new web of Barcelona City Council’s Innovation, Development and Research Directorate on Citizen Rights, Participation and Transparency is out.

In practice, this Democratic Innovation web is a public repository of  documentation on Democracy, Citizens Participation, Technopolitics and Innovation produced by the Barcelona City Council and the community #metadecidim.

In the website there are the chronicles and videos of events organised by the Area and by the community of Decidim platform for citizens participation. Besides, this web includes information about the activity, the strategy and the projects of the Area.

The main goal of the Area of Democratic Innovation is to foster a city more democratic, participatory, inclusive, open, and fair. It is time to build a democracy for the 21st Century, with contemporary technologies: a network democracy “of” and “for” all the people.

To face this challenge, an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional group has been built to open participation processes to citizens. The group involves members of the City Council but also academic researchers, communicators, programmers and engineers, actually, anyone interested. Nowadays, four researchers of the Technopolitics Communication Networks and Social Change (CN&SC) research group of IN3/UOC are working within this group. The challenge is huge!

One of the most important projects of this Area is Decidim, the digital common’s infrastructure for participatory democracy of the Barcelona City Council.

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