Publication released: Ruptura by Manuel Castells

Publication released: Ruptura by Manuel Castells

Manuel Castells, coordinator and principal investigator of the CNSC group, has published his new book: “RUPTURA: La crisis de la democracia liberal” (RUPTURE: the crisis of liberal democracy).

The researchers of CNSC Arnau Monterde and Pedro Jacobetty have collaborated in the collection and analysis of the data on which this book is based.

Book abstract

We live confusing times. Liberal democracy, as we knew it, has entered into crisis and the political scenario has broken with established models. In this book, Castells analyses the crisis of legitimacy that affects political systems all over the world and the causes of this situation.

Specifically, Castells examines the latest developments in Europe and the United States, giving a special attention to the crisis of the State in Spain and the end of the two-party political systemAccording to Castells, the crisis of liberal democracy is the consequence of several processes that have led to a growing social inequality and a mistrust in governance institutions and practices.

The author wonders what utopia consists of today without a visible order that can replace the one that is disappearing, and if we risk experimenting and living in creative chaos.


Links and references

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The statistical tables and references can be found at