Seminar: Gamificaction as technology for motivation

Seminar: Gamificaction as technology for motivation

CN&SC organizes the seminar titled “Gamification: A persuasive technology to drive motivation?” offered by Raul Ferrer Conill next Tuesday 26 of January, 2016. Raul is a Visting Scholar at the IN3-UOC and a PhD Candidate at the Department of Media and Communication Studies of the Karlstad University in Sweden.

In the stream of research that applies game thinking and design techniques to non-gaming contexts, Raul will critically deconstruct how gamification works both from the perspective of motivational theories and under the frame of persuasive technologies, both discussing its potential positive outcomes, but also addressing potential dangers of the surge of gamified services in the current digital media landscape.

The seminar will be carried out at the IN3 offices in Castelldefels at 11:00 CET.



Image by Official GDC under a CC BY 2.0 license